Rolling Like a Ball in Good Form after Cat~

My cat, Suki has been an “indoor cat” since last Fall, when he was bitten by an animal and had a serious infection. He is a bit challenged (a rescue cat), so we decided to keep him in. Recently, it’s been easy, he seemed to run away whenever we opened the back door to the deck. So, thinking that this was his MO, after a lovely dinner of bbq scallops
( inspiration from Facebook or Twitter last night) and drinks, I was carrying dishes, opened the door, and Suki ran out. Instinctively, with all best interests in mind, I stomped my foot down on him, he ran inside causing me to fall and have a perfectly aligned “rolling like ball yoga-pitates move with plates on my abs, and thank G landed on my left buttock, not the one I had a cortisone shot in yesterday (triple ouch!). I scrambled up and asked where did he go??, was reassured inside, probably in his safe space under A’s bed..and then I assessed my physical damages- none! miracle. So I asked Steve, who witnessed all, what the message was- he said, if he really gets out, he’ll be back to eat; and if you see him at the door, pause and shoo him away before you proceed to enter. OK ! Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone~

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