Dealing with Procrastination (c) 5/09

I always try out new EFT techniques on myself first even if they don’t seem to apply to me, and the idea of targeting procrastination certainly didn’t seem to apply. Although ending procrastination with EFT was an intriguing idea, I was sure that I was the last person in the world who needed to address this problem. I remembered how some relatives of mine are chronically annoyed with my tendency to do things immediately as they come up. “Do you always have to do everything “yesterday”? What’s the hurry? Can’t it wait?”.
So, when I sat down and wrote out a huge list of To-Do’s that related to the four major projects I was working on at the time (all with pressing deadlines!) I found the list itself to be revealing. Did I really have that much to do in so little time and in so many different areas of my life?
To test out my new EFT strategy, I systematically applied it to each item on my list. However, it wasn’t until the following day that I saw the effects. What happened then was eye opening.
My first realization was that I had, in fact, been fooling myself all along. I had been a secret (hidden to myself) “procrastinator” on a number of levels and in certain areas, and this had been causing me uneasiness, annoyance at myself, and some needless inefficiency, although by ordinary standards I am not inefficient.
• When I looked over the topics of things I had to get done I felt so different about doing them that it was hard to believe that this was possible.
• I was doing them, one after the other.
• It was no big deal to do them.
• I didn’t feel sorry for myself for having to “do the impossible”.
• There was no self-pity (and I hadn’t even realized I’d had any self-pity before!)
• My carefully constructed rationale for not doing these things was gone. It had vanished.
• I couldn’t believe this was “me” acting this way. Something basic had changed.
A few readings-over of my list of EFT Choices over the subsequent days, and some time spent tapping on them, and this change consolidated and became permanent.
Then I began to apply this method to my clients and the same thing happened with them. Their procrastination simply melted away, even if it had been a persistent habit. The new EFT method simply transformed the way these people viewed themselves in relation to getting things done that needed to be done.
In short, this unorthodox and surprising approach worked. Since then I’ve taught this gentle method for getting rid of procrastination to a large number of clients, with life transformative results. Do you want to have your life change as you see things become easy to do that never were before Easy… Transforming… This new approach can dissolve your tendency to procrastinate.

I’m coaching entrepreneurs who are finding new opportunities in this new marketplace and also people who yearn to be entrepreneurs and need a sounding board, encouragement, brainstorming opportunities, clear vision and a boost in confidence in order to move forward.

Eileen Lichtenstein, President Balance & Power℠, Inc.

Call me at (516) 623-4353 or email to for a complimentary consultation to find out how you can turn lemons into lemonade.

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