Keep Dancing! (c)5/09

To all the wonderful people on the journey with me,
A psychic healer via telephone told me, “never stop dancing”. I’d not spoken with her before, she didn’t know that about 20 years ago I shut down along with my dance/exercise studio when my foot was run over by a van. Yes, I was jaywalking and the van was making an illegal move. Yes, I was stopped in my tracks, right foot forward. Yes, I was grateful that’s all that happened. Yes I suffered PTSD. So I agreed with the psychic and asked her to tell me her reason. “Because it frees you”, she said. Recently contemplating this conversation that I had about a year ago, at the time undergoing numerous physical ailments due to age and over-use, I’ve come to peace with physical modifications for myself in dancing and exercising. Additionally, I’ve placed the concept of “dancing” into an intellectual-emotional realm of possibility: creativity for the soul. Do you know what frees you? We can know something (or someone) for a lifetime(s), and be taking it/him/her for granted. Being thankful and grateful never goes out of style. In this time of economic, environmental, health and world peace challenges, it’s more important than ever to take time each day to be grateful, to pursue personal passion(s) and create new possibilities. Allow yourself to access the positive energies within you and be resilient!

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