Performance Anxiety

I gave a fab 1 hour presentation @ a conference this morning, upstate NY (seems like 2 days ago,!, and a speeding ticket later..). This venue was arranged a year ago, and I was all set. Yet, my digestion told me otherwise..
so, I tapped (EFT) with the pledge spot being my set up point instead of karate chop, much more convenient while driving… I tapped and drove thru April sprinkes, and upon arrival,5 hours later, settling in and confirming what I was doing today with the folks who hired me, felt immediate relief. Relief is it, you know, it’s traveling downstream, going with the flow. So, I was able to be totally present and not to worry at all…
Today AM was fab and easy and everytime anyone spoke to me it was affirmation that my presentation was right-on. I wonder if I will ever have anxiety-free performance. It probably has to do with being judged when I was three; or who knows what- doesn’t matter. I’m thankful I can go on and be terrific! Only you guys know…

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