Celebrating Life: The Passover Seder

Passover is my favorite Jewish holiday~a feast and rituals set aside to be with friends and family and to be grateful. We all acknowledged this at our friend’s home in Long Island, New York the eve of Wednesday April 8 (also a full moon, and my daughter Jessica’s birthday-she lives i n London.) The hostess and her daughter, in from California for the week, had been cooking, and the chicken soup-brisket scents were wonderful when we walked in. The appetizers included choraisis- the chopped apples, walnuts and honey mix representing mortar of the bricks laid down by Hebrew slaves in Egypt. was spread on the matzoh and sipped with wine (this is also on the seder plate and part of the ceremony). Throughout the rituals and prayers preceding the meal, the Haggadah is referred to, giving history meaning. The Jewish people around the world celebrate freedom at the Seder, and all are grateful for our rich history of survival and look forward to world peace and enlightenment.

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