important omissions re grateful networking: please read.

To all the recipients of my heart felt networking letter from a few days ago, please add to my recommended networking links:

David Gussin, and, a star of Long Island’s networking/advertising/PR community –
David has informative and fun sites which, in addition to postings and listings, have informational and fun articles, including mine- posted each month on his 516 website.
And, ta-da! Yvonne and Howard Bisk, who have mentored me in networking meet-ups. The afternoon after I wrote the letter and pressed send, I came down with an awful stomach bug (missed Savannah’s). Thanks, Yvonne, for the lovely tea and sympathy note~
The bug must’ve been brewing and I missed a few key links in the process. Please accept my humble apologies~ David, Yvonne and Howard.

Peace, love and light,

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