The Flame and The Stone

If you haven’t yet guessed, this is about the flame and the stone in my living room. I haven’t focused on a flame in a long time~ much of my meditative time is with eyes closed and focusing on my breath. This eve I was enthralled with a flame of a candle down low with a way-high flame~ it was so high and then peaked almost undiscernibly to what I imagined was infinity…. and in an instant began to tremor into a psychodelic strobe light dance that I am happy that I don’t need to medically avoid..and then in an instant diminished to a “normal” flame. A flame is effected by air currents, and I wonder, anything else??
An amethyst stone that’s been floating around my house for years, somehow got itself attached to the dripping wax in the dish. I had moved the dish-candle-stone to our dining table (with fabulous cous-cous-cinnamon scented melange by in house chef, Steve). I lovingly detached the stone from the wax, and rolled it around in my fingers. That brought back memories of Sue’s workshop where she gave them out to do exactly that, and my later “stone” experiences.

Share your personal flame and stone meditations~

Namaste, Eileen

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