The Gift of Time

Hi! I’ve been busy on FB, Twitter, promoting my events, meetings, writing curriculum and networking.
I’ve been ignoring my blog, exercising and visiting Mom in her nursing home. This AM I acknowledged this is all temporary, and did some EFT and I “tapped” on being totally attentive to my current priorities, not cutting any corners, and vowed that I will get into more of a routine in a few days. I called Mom on my way to a professional meeting/seminar this morning; she thankfully understood and was not needy at all. And a beautiful spring like day here, too! (I would’ve taken her out for some air if I’d visited). Later, after a very productive meeting, I went on to meet more people, walked with my cell to ear around parking lots, and went on with the understanding I was to attend a LI chamber of commerce meeting this eve. Then… it turned out my connection thought our meeting is to be tomarrow, along with the evening venue. Well!! I was given a gift; and in less than a minute a was thinking should I visit Mom and go for a great boardwalk walk or to the gym. Or go directly home, do not pass go or boardwalk, and continue where I left off in my office, including answering calls, and grateful to have this gift of time! And that is exactly what I’m doing now.

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