Nature taking it’s course..and keeping the faith~

I had anxiety abt going to the periodontist today (of course, tapping helped) since I had finished a course of antibiotics that I struggled thru stomach upsets with while on vacation, which were much indicated or maybe not according to the peri, to help reduce infammation after gum surgery that went somewhat awry and left me w/a bone sticking out no healing gum around it (several years ago I had heard from an oral surgeon abt the remote possibility of this happening, maybe impacted by taking Boniva or Fosomax which I had stopped at the time for several months under his advisement). Well, the other mormning, while savoring a spoonful of oatmeal, I felt whatseemed like something unoatmeal like in my mouth. It turned out to be a bone sliver. After that, my mouth felt great. Doctor said today it is all healed; I had a cleaning and am continuing Boniva manana~ keep the faith!

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