sllppin’ ‘n’ slidin’

there must be a song by this name. That’s what I was doing on the road, after abt 20 minutes, usually taking 10, turned around. Not even on the parkway yet to Regina’s BD party- I really wanted to go and had her present, a bottle of merlot, Thai stuff from trader Joes, my GPS and snow-ice scraper. Briefly, I wished I lived in the city- near subways (R lives in Queens). Turned arnd when I really couldnt go without sliding, happy no cars were around at the time..thenm passed 2 slid onto the curb and I knew I made the right choice. Now, Steve and I have broken into the wine, eaten the Thai food and he is happily watching football (which he was doing all along~ this was a venue 4 the ladies) and i am happily blogging away.. onto CR on Tues. Evidently the earthquake was not on our route~ packing tomarrow and booked full Mon. catch up enroute..

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