You Can Get What U Wish 4…

10:30 PM and back from a day-eve of networking. In a Newark, NJ venue this afternoon, I became motivated to seek a local spot for a midday networking every-other week for Balance and Power’s collaboration with an established networking group. In the drive thru monsoon like weather this AM, (almost turned back @ V. Bridge), I knew I was going to speak (yes, free PR) and to absorb the energy of the group to see if its worth while.
So, later, I ventured out to a more local venue, my chiropracter driving, and yes! found the spot for my own events~~ a done deal soon. stay posted….
On my way to the restroom, I slid into a booth to chat, and in front of me were some fries- which I rarely eat. On the drive over, I actually told my chiro-friend that my fried food weakness are sweet potatoe fries- those close to me already know this. Anyway- I had a few.. and I affirm that that what I say-think-write is manifesting- in this very moment! So, I hope to see u all soon in Massapequa, LI @ my new networking venue- and seminars! And a lot more stuff…!!!

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