Remedy for Fear of Flying and more…

The combination of “Systematic Desensitization” and EFT is a guaranteed cure for fear of flying. Actually, either of these mind-body techniques is a sureshot,; the combo is Guaranteed! I facilitated a session today
with my daughter, Ariel. She is a seasoned traveler, but since 9/11 has gotten progressively more anxious about the takeoff and bumpies en route. We didnt do the tapping, just deep relaxation and the desensitization and she is confident that she will be fine. I’ve used this technique for fear of flying with a client who had to fly for work, and hyadnt been on an airplane in 20 years. Not only was she fine (she also listed to my relaxation audio program on Moving Meditation(r) Fitness. during the flight)
She’s since moved to New Zealand! We tapped on the fear of flying issue again for a month before she went, and also released fearshe was holding about her move. I know that EFT has a history of working really well for any phobias.
I’ve also used the desensitization technique with a client with a fear of needles who had to go for a blood test. She reported using it during the procedure and was fine. What’s especially great is that both of these techniques also work really well via telephone with speakerphone).

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