My Own Blog!

This is great~ my own blog!! When 2 people make the same strong suggestion to you in a short amount of time, do you seriously consider it and take action? (short of harm to self-others or breaking the law~!) and if not- how come? What are you afraid of or lacking confidence about..which involves fear, too. OK- it took me about a year to get finally do this simply because I thought that I wasnt ready. I knew I needed to (or thought I did- no matter!) hone my writing skills and communication style for speaking on the web. The wall to wall Facebook and Twitter venues have practiced me and I know how fun and useful that can be! So I here I am, full steam ahead! I’ve decided to log the archives of inspirational quotes I’ve been sending out weekly here and invite comments about them. I’ll be starting that in January~

And, I’ve signed up for blogcast radio and have had a wonderful co hosting experience on Dr. Deitra Payne’s “the Women’s Empowerment Hour” last week, topic “Gratefulness”. You can listen to last weeks’s show:
Show Topic: An Hour of Gratitude
When: Monday, December 22, 2008

***** Monday December 29 9PMEST*****
Topic: “Inspiration”

Stay tuned to find out about my Balance and Power BlogTalk Radio Show!

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