Negative Reality?

It can be difficult to stay positive with all the negative reality globally, locally and perhaps at home. Feeling my own this morning, I acknowledged how I am able to shift to positive (and write this blog:)) in a short amount of time with my morning routine of meditation tapping, havening and mindfulness based meditation … More Negative Reality?

Be Resilient!

I hope that you, reader of this blog are doing well, are happy (most of the time:)), successful in reaching personal and professional goals and are healthy! Those in the US have a wonderful Holiday celebration!!! Here are a few thoughts re staying happy and well: Take time in the morning to meditate and (I … More Be Resilient!


I’m home now after being hospitalized for several months, first for brown recluse spider bite (that I’m in physical therapy for now consequently to learn how to use my left leg most effectively) and continuing treatment and chemotherapy for acute leukemia. The leukemia may not have been discovered (as I wasn’t feeling sick yet) if … More Resilience

When We Cultivate Our Resilience, Choice Is Always Possible

We are stronger than we think. Resilience is that durable quality that allows some people to be knocked around by life’s tougher situations and come back stronger than ever. Bouncing back with resilience is what we do when we face disappointment or defeat, but instead of letting things keep us down, we get back up … More When We Cultivate Our Resilience, Choice Is Always Possible